BARQ-H2O Pellet Smoker - Powered by Smokin' Brothers
BARQ-H2O Pellet Smoker - Powered by Smokin' Brothers
BARQ-H2O Pellet Smoker - Powered by Smokin' Brothers
BARQ-H2O Pellet Smoker - Powered by Smokin' Brothers
BARQ-H2O Pellet Smoker - Powered by Smokin' Brothers

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BARQ-H2O Pellet Smoker - Powered by Smokin' Brothers

Sale price$2,199.00

Introducing the Ultimate Game-Changer in BBQ: The BARQ-H2O Pellet Smoker, Powered by Smokin' Brothers. Elevate your backyard BBQ with the revolutionary H2O cooking technology combined with the convenience of a pellet smoker. Priced at $2,199, the BARQ-H2O is not just a smoker; it's your ticket to championship-level BBQ in your backyard every time you fire it up. Discover the perfect blend of heat, moisture, and flavor with this compact, high-performance machine designed for both the enthusiast and the competitive cooker.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • H2O Cooking Technology: Experience the magic of water smoking with the BARQ-H2O. Easy to start and effortless to clean, bringing unparalleled moisture and flavor to your BBQ.
  • Versatile Cooking Options: Whether you prefer hot and fast or low and slow, the BARQ-H2O adapts to your cooking style, delivering consistently delicious results.
  • Patented Waterpan Design: Our innovative waterpan designe ensures optimal moisture content for juicy, flavorful meats without the hassle.
  • Unmatched Heat Retention: Engineered for even and forgiving temperature distribution, our double-wall insulated firebox means you're cooking with precision, no protein rotation needed.
  • Que-View WiFi Controller: American-made and WiFi-enabled, monitor and control your smoke from anywhere, ensuring perfect results every time.
  • Large Capacity Front Hopper: A forward-facing 20lb hopper adds convenience and utility, making it a perfect fit for both portable and permanent outdoor kitchen setups.
  • Durable Professional Auger: Equipped with brass gears and an aluminum shear pin, our auger is built to last, ensuring consistent feed and perfect smoke.
  • Year-Round Cooking: With the center smoke stack and insulated firebox, maintain even temperatures for year-round outdoor cooking.

Why Choose the BARQ-H2O Pellet Smoker?

  • Achieve Perfect Bark & Crispy Skin: The combination of heat and water gives you the edge for creating beautiful bark on brisket and crispy skins on poultry.
  • Competition-Winning Results: Embrace the water smoker method known for clinching both compliments and competitions.
  • From Pit to Plate Like a Pro: No need to rotate your meats; enjoy even and forgiving cooking for professional-grade results every time.

Price: $2,199

Elevate your BBQ game to the next level with the BARQ-H2O Pellet Smoker. Perfect for those who appreciate the art of cooking with water, this smoker makes it easy to deliver mouth-watering results that will impress both your family and competition judges alike. Order now and transform your backyard into a BBQ paradise!