What Is a Water Smoker?

We’re back with another blog post breaking down the basics of different types of smokers, and today we’re tackling this big question: what is a water smoker?

At first glance, the term “water smoker” might seem a little confusing. After all, what does water have to do with smoke—and more so, why would you want water involved in your smoking process? To understand what a water smoker is and what benefits it provides, it helps to learn about its specific function, including the science behind it. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know.

Water Smoker Basics

Water smokers, sometimes called bullet smokers, combine heat and moisture to maintain an even cooking temperature and more efficiently distribute smoke throughout the main chamber.

There are three key components to a water smoker:

The fire chamber: The bottom portion of a water smoker contains the fire chamber, where charcoal- or wood-driven fire releases smoke up into the chambers above.

The water pan: Located in the middle of the water smoker, the water pan helps better distribute the smoke coming up from the fire chamber and also emits moisture to help ensure that meat stays tender and juicy. On our smokers, this pan is maintained by a water fill system that automatically delivers water as needed to keep the pan full and maintain optimal conditions so you don’t have to worry about manually refilling it.  

The cook chamber: Where the magic happens. This chamber takes up the top portion of the water smoker, and collects the smoke and moisture rising from the chambers below it.

One of the biggest advantages of this setup is that it allows for controlled maintenance of heat over time. This is ideal for when you’re looking for a smoker that can help you cook low and slow, though water smokers can be used to optimally cook meat hot and fast as well.

How To Use a Water Smoker

Now that you know what it is, let’s talk about how to use a water smoker.

A water smoker might have a few more parts than a traditional smoker, but it’s actually quite easy to operate. Start by choosing the charcoal or wood that you would like to use for your smoke and use it to fill up the fire chamber.

While the charcoal is heating, fill up your water pan about three-quarters of the way. Because our water smokers contain an automated fill system, you won’t have to worry about manually maintaining this amount during your cook as you would with other water smokers.

From there, you’ll just have to choose the placement of your wire racks in the cook chamber, get your meat seasoned and situated, and close the doors. The water smoker will do much of the work of maintaining the temperature for you while it’s in use, but do monitor the temp just in case and modify as needed. Occasionally check in on the fire chamber as well, since you don’t want to be cooking with too much ash build up.

Find Your Perfect Water Smoker

At Myron Mixon, we offer a range of water smokers for sale so you can always find your ideal fit. All of our water smokers are made with military grade insulation to keep moisture and smoke inside the cooking chamber, as well as our convenient automated water fill system.

Need some assistance choosing the right water smoker? We’re here to help! Contact us today for one-on-one advice on selecting the best water smoker for your needs, or for help deciding between our other high-quality BBQ smokers. With so many options, you’re guaranteed to find a smoker that you love, whether you’re cooking in the backyard, your restaurant, or on the circuit.