What is a PID Controller?

If you’ve come across the term “PID controller” in your grill research, you may be wondering: what is a PID controller, and what difference will it make in my cooking?

We’ve recently unveiled a new line of our fan-favorite BARQ grills with a PID controller that includes wifi and a downloadable app. And to help you understand how these and other PID controller pellet grills work, we’ve put together this quick explainer on all of the basics that you need to know about PID controllers and their advantages. Let’s get to it.

PID Controller

A PID controller is a device that helps you better maintain temperature balance without having to constantly open and close your grill hood.

The PID controller, which stands for Proportional, Integral, Derivative, is connected via wifi to a temperature probe located in the cook chamber. This wifi pellet grill controller ensures that you have a constant read-out of the temperature, and it also automatically adjusts auger speed and the blower fan to keep your temps steady.

The result: way more control and oversight over your cook, with heat management that takes place under the hood so you don’t have to worry about disrupting the delicate process taking place inside.

Benefits of Using Pellet Grills with PID Controller

Upgrading to pellet grills with PID controller capabilities is about more than just having the latest and greatest equipment in your backyard, your restaurant, or on the BBQ circuit. It’s about better control and better results—both of which lead to better food.

There are quite a few important benefits to utilizing a pellet smoker grill with a PID controller, including these big ones:

  1. Precision – We all know how crucial precision is when you’re trying to put out the best food possible. And whether you’re going hot and fast or low and slow, a PID controller offers additional assurance that your temperature will stay where you need it to stay, with built-in regulations that allow you to maintain a constant heat that never strays more than five degrees from your target.
  2. Oversight – You can’t control what you’re not aware of. With wifi capabilities and a corresponding downloadable app, our BARQ grills with PID controllers offer a continuous feedback loop that’s the most effective way to always know what’s going on in the cook chamber. If there’s an unexpected change, you’ll be able to adjust right away so you always have the right levels of heat and smoke.
  3. Automatic assistance – Pellet grills that have a PID controller feed and restrict fuel on their own as needed. Think of the controller like a sous chef, with the skill to not only monitor your cook but adjust the controls as needed for optimal results.

Even the best grills are prone to temperature shifts and swings. With a PID controller, your temperature stays more steady and more reliable—and you get the ultimate in precision cooking.

Is a PID Controller Right For You?

It depends! There are so many different factors that go into choosing the right grill for your needs, and a PID controller is just one of many features that you might be able to use to achieve your lofty BBQ goals.

At Myron Mixon, we’re dedicated to providing you with a full range of options for achieving your barbecue dreams, whether you’re a home cook or going for gold in competitions. Check out our BARQ pellet smoker collection and learn more about what our PID controller with wifi and downloadable app can do for your grill game. And while you’re there, take a look at our other smokers for a full idea of what’s available and what your right fit might be, and contact us directly for one-on-one support or with any questions.