What Is a Pellet Grill?

So, what is a pellet grill? It’s a question that we see a lot, and one that’s actually quite simple to answer.

A pellet grill, sometimes referred to as a pellet smoker, combines the best of all worlds, bringing together the impressive technology of today’s best charcoal smokers and gas grills with the utility of a standard oven. The result is a product that cooks and bakes as well as it smokes, with optimized design features that allow it to automatically regulate internal temperatures and feed more fuel to the fire as needed.

Some of the biggest advantages of a pellet grill include:

  • Automatic maintenance of optimal temperatures
  • Set it and forget it operations
  • Ease of use for beginners and experts alike
  • Efficient fuel burning, with the ability to cook for a long time on one round of pellets

Another thing to love about pellet grills: the unbeatable wood smoked flavor that they lend to your food. Because pellet grills offer a grill and smoker all in one, there’s no loss of flavor from one step to the next. Good things happen simultaneously, resulting in a final product that’s perfectly juicy and brought to life with a depth of smoky flavor.

How Do Pellet Grills Work?

So now you know what they do, but how do pellet grills work?

Much of what a pellet grill does is automated, meaning there’s a very small learning curve on figuring out how to operate it correctly. Wood pellets are loaded into a storage chamber called the hopper, where a motor and combustion fan ignite the pellets and circulate that smoky wood flavor throughout the main cooking chamber.

Once they’re going, pellet grills work basically like a gas grill or kitchen oven, trapping heat under the hood to cook your food, all while the hopper continues to circulate the aroma and flavor of your choice of wood pellets. Air fans ensure that heat and smoke are evenly dispersed during the cook time, and temperature control dials give you the option to cook either low and slow or hard and fast, depending on the taste and texture that you’re trying to achieve.

Choosing Your Perfect Grill

Whether you opt for a pellet grill vs. smoker of another variety comes down to the food that you cook and how you like to cook it. Pellet grills are always a great choice, since they’re versatile in what they can do and how they do it. Play around with different types of wood pellets to mix up your smoke flavors, and utilize the pellet grill’s other features to bring smoke into all types of unexpected foods, including not just meats but fruits and desserts as well. If you can grill it, you can smoke it—and vice versa.

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