Charcoal Smokers
Best Charcoal Smoker
Charcoal Smokers
Best Charcoal Smoker

Charcoal smokers boosted with the power of gravity

With gravity charcoal smokers from Myron Mixon you set it, then you forget it. The table is set. Family and friends are having fun. And instead of refilling your firebox, you’re joining in – because your Myron Mixon Gravity Feed charcoal smoker is automatically feeding charcoal at the right rate, producing BBQ that everyone will applaud.

Each Gravity Feed Smoker we build features the insulation and workmanship that separate Myron Mixon smokers from the rest. You’ll get superior heat retention, even cooking, and the capacity of a competition-class smoker. You don’t even have to rotate meats. So enjoy the party.

The best charcoal smoker brings gravity to the table

How do you create the best charcoal smoker? You combine American-made craftsmanship with world-class innovation. Our Gravity Smoker works hard so that you don’t have to, for food that’s as consistent as it is delicious.

Up your grill game with the Gravity Feed Smoker

Enjoy award-winning BBQ — even if you’re just in your own backyard — with the Myron Mixon Gravity Feed Smoker. Pick your model and get in touch, and let’s get cooking.

Gravity Feed Smoker Gravity Overlay Mobile


Industrial grade insulation for superior heat retention. Stainless hardware and charcoal chute top plate. Consistent temperature from top to bottom.


Multiple rack locations spaced to maximize cubic volume no matter the protein. Removable water pan for easy cleanup. Transfer chute carries smoke and heat to center of chamber for max flavor.

3 Round Charcoal Chute

Double-sealed fire door. Round design to ensure even movement of briquettes.

4 Removable Water Pan

Located directly beneath the racks, the water pan allows you to add water or introduce other flavors to the pit.

5 Transfer Chute

Moves heat and smoke to the center of the cook chamber, ensuring even cooking and smoke flavor.

6 Exterior features.

Slam latch simplifies door operation. Integrated wire port. 1” drain. 1.5” ball valve compatible with temperature control systems. Dampered stack, stainless steel hardware and handles