A small pellet grill that packs a big punch

As the Barq-1700 small pellet grill demonstrates, size isn’t everything.

Barq 1700 Small Pellet Grill 2
The BARQ Pellet Grill Difference
A CLOSER LOOK AT the BARQ-1700 Electric Pellet Smoker Grill
  • Integral meat probes = no-opening for temp checks
  • Large capacity allows for 4 roasting pans
  • Integrated exhaust stacks help maintain even temperature and maximize fuel efficiency.
  • 4 Nickel-chrome racks
  • Hopper clean-out door
  • Stainless drip pan
  • User-friendly control panel
Whole Chicken
(4-6 lbs.)
8 (STD. 2 Racks)
Chicken Wings
108 (STD. 2 Racks)
Baby Back Ribs
16 (STD. 2 Racks)
St. Louis Ribs
12 (STD. 2 Racks)
Boston Butt
(7-9 lbs.)
8 (STD. 2 Racks)
(15-18 lbs.)
2 (STD. 2 Racks)
Whole Hog
Approximate Weight
230 lbs.
53.75" W x 32.3" D x 46.5" H
Cooking Rack
Cooking Rack Dimensions
23.375" x 17"
Cooking Capacity
1700 sq/in
Burn Time
Up to 28 hours
(Capacity Varies depending on float box setting. Numbers represent middle setting)

The best BBQ starts with a Myron Mixon smoker

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