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Pellet Smoker
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The Zero-Compromise Pellet Smoker Grill

The BARQ Pellet Smoker Grill lets you BBQ like a pro and make it look easy.

Here’s how simple it is: Just plug your BARQ Pellet Grill into a power source, load your pellets into the hopper, set the temperature and start the party. While you’re enjoying friends and family, your BARQ electric smoker is hard at work. The results are often heard loudest in the silence that comes when guests are too busy enjoying the food to say much. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the best pellet smoker grill on the market.

Myron Mixon is proud to be your go-to source for world-class smokers. Shop our full collection, including wood smokers for sale and offset smokers for sale, and find your perfect partner in achieving BBQ greatness. Have a question? Get in touch!

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1 Military Grade Construction

Quality that outperforms all competitors. Heavy duty, double-wall construction for heat, moisture and flavor retention. Stainless steel cook chamber and stainless steel exterior accents.

2 Maximum Capacity

The square shape and four removable cook racks create unmatched capacity and allow use of foil roasting pans, fast BBQ-to-table transitions, and fast, easy cleanup.

3 Integrated exhaust stacks

Removes cool air from the cook chamber, keeping the temperature even, the cooking even, and maximizing fuel efficiency.

4 Easy To Clean

Removable drip pan and square design lets you use roasting pans to protect your smoker from unwanted mess.

5 Large Capacity Pellet Hopper

Holds up to 20 lbs of pellets in a single hopper for hands-free BBQ and hands-on fun with family and friends.

6 Hopper Clean-out

Makes it easy to change pellets and control flavor.

7 Dual Meat Probes

Easy-to-use meat probes tell you the internal temperature of your protein – without opening the door – for BBQ that’s never overcooked.

8 Easy to Move

Large, 10” flat-free tires and locking swivel casters make maneuvering and storing your Pellet Smoker easy.