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The Best Smokers, Created by a Champion BBQer

You don’t figure out how to create the best smokers without getting your hands a little dirty first. Learn how Myron Mixon became a world barbecue champion and creator of the industry’s most impressive pitmaster BBQ grill and smoker collection.

The Myron Mixon Smoker story

The winningest man in barbecue, Myron Mixon, learned his craft from his father, Jack Mixon, in Unadilla GA.

But Myron took the family passion to a level no one thought possible, becoming a four-time world barbecue champion and star of the TV series BBQ Pitmasters.

During his rise to BBQ fame, his goal was to design smokers that could be used by everyday enthusiasts as well as competitive chefs to produce world-class barbecue every single time.

His search led him to Seconn Fabrication, an internationally recognized, award-winning metal fabrication company whose founder and CEO, Rob Marelli, shared Myron’s passion for taking barbecue to its highest level.

The combination of a seasoned BBQ expert in partnership with a technologically advanced manufacturer has resulted in Myron Mixon Smokers – standard-setting products that are respected, admired, and unequaled in the field of top-notch BBQ.

Best BBQ

Pitmaster Myron Mixon, aka “The King” of Crafting the Best BBQ

How do you become world famous for cooking the best BBQ? By beating out the other guys time and time again. Here’s a summary of what Myron Mixon has accomplished so far:

• In 1996, he entered his first competition in Augusta, GA – and placed 1st in whole hog, 1st in pork ribs, and 3rd in pork shoulder.

• He’s won more than 180 championships, including 4 world championships, 30 state championships, and 11 national championships.

• His team (no one wins alone) is the only team to win Grand Championships in Memphis in May, Kansas City BBQ Society, and Florida BBQ Association in the same year.

• He is the author of the New York Times bestselling cookbooks Smokin’ with Myron Mixon and Everyday Barbecue.

• Today, his brother Tracy, sons Michael and David and other close family members and friends are part of his team.

Top Quality Grills and Smokers from Myron Mixon

All of Myron Mixon’s experiences led him here: as the creator of the most impressive grills and smokers in the industry. Myron Mixon took all that he learned from his years in the pit and put it to use designing and manufacturing equipment that everyone — from home cooking enthusiasts to renowned restaurateurs — could use to achieve their own BBQ greatness. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

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