H2O Rotisserie Smokers

Changing the commercial BBQ Industry

The many benefits of our H20 Rotisserie Water Smoker is staggering in any commercial application. Whether it’s the gas assist, touch screen control panel to store recipes and cook times, low maintenance or just the overall ease of use. Our Waterpan™ Technology combined with our automated water fill system offer you the opportunity to cook low and slow or hot and fast.

The H20 Rotisserie Water Smoker is perfect for serving up that commercial Q that keeps those bbq lovers coming back for more. Fully welded and 100% insulated equals maintaining consistent cook temps throughout, no need to open the doors and lose heat to rotate meats. Allowing you or your kitchen team to focus on all aspects of your business.


Certified Model

Our certified H2O Rotisserie Water Smokers are UL listed and Sanitation Certified for commercial applications. Our certified smokers are equipped with the standard options and upgraded with an approved stainless steel cook chamber.

Certification Label 3
Certification Label 1
Certification Label 2

Waterpan Technology

The Waterpan allows the heat source to be directly under the cook chamber, not offset. The results are a reduction in the overall footprint of the unit, even distribution of heat and smoke, without fans, as it rises throughout the cook chamber and the ability to cook low and slow or hot and fast.

Reduced Cook Time, More Throughput

With the Waterpan in the cook chamber, cooking hot and fast is a value add that will allow you to increase inventory turns with less labor.

Greater Yields and Rapid Recovery Time

Introducing moisture into the cooking process results in higher yields and serves as a heat sink to hold temperatures when cook doors are opened accelerating the recovery time.


18” deep shelves allow longer cuts of meat and hotel pans to be placed perpendicular on the rack with no overhang, greatly increasing capacity and reducing wasted space.

Low Maintenance

Our rotisserie smokers use a maintenance-free Direct Drive motor, not chain drive, and greaseless food grade bushings that require no lubrication, adjustment or replacement, and since no fans are used inside the cook chamber this eliminates additional upkeep.

Less downtime

No chains or fans eliminates the risk of interruptions and food waste caused by chains snapping or creosote buildup on fans.  Units can be operated on a combination of wood and gas, wood only or gas only, giving you options should you have a disruption in supply.

Quality Construction

Our smokers are made in the USA, fully welded and 100% insulted with high-temperature military grade insulation so your fuel is used to cook your meat and not heating the surrounding area. Immediate cost savings.

MMS-750 Rotisserie Smoker
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MMS-1500 Rotisserie Smoker
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MMS-750 starts at $32,000

MMS-1500 starts at $39,000

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