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Give ‘em what they crave

Cook hot and fast, or low and slow. The results are always delicious.

The combination of heat and moisture produces amazing BBQ outcomes: Beautiful bark on brisket, crispy skin on chicken and turkey, the perfect texture on ribs. No doubt about it, water smoker BBQ enthusiasts know their approach can win compliments and competitions.

Myron Mixon H20 smokers take water smoking up a notch. Our patented waterpan design and automated water fill system give you the ability to cook fast or slow and still get the moisture content just right. Unmatched heat retention and temperature distribution are even and forgiving, and you don’t have to rotate your proteins. In other words, you’ll go from pit to plate like a seasoned professional.

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1 Military Grade Insulation

Unmatched heat retention and durability. Less fuel consumption. Better temperature control. In a word, quality.

2 Shape & Size

Shelf design optimizes capacity and yield, outperforming all non-rectangular cook chambers.

3 Water Fill System

Delivers the right amount of water and the right rate to maintain optimal conditions without lowering pit temps.

4 Integral Water Pan

Located between the firebox and cook chamber ensures even heat distribution
through the cooker. Resulting in higher yields, greater moisture content and
less fuel consumption.

5 Fire Chamber

Located under cook chamber. Eliminates hot spots with even heat distribution. No need to rotate meats. Optimizes flavor by allowing smoke to blanket the proteins.

6 Leveling System*

Leg levelers allow you to use your water smoker on uneven ground.

Certified Model

Our certified H2O Smokers are UL listed and Sanitation Certified for commercial applications. Our certified smokers are equipped with the standard options and upgraded with an approved stainless steel cook chamber.

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