1. Coat the inside walls of the cook chamber using a non-stick cooking spray.
  2. The nickel chrome racks do not need to be seasoned.
  3. Fire-up and starting cooking’ when your smoker reaches the desired temperature.
  1. Open ALL doors, vents, and dampers.
  2. If using wood, which we recommend one in the fruit variety, light four to five pieces of split wood approximately the diameter of a soda can.
  3. If using charcoal, place unlit coals in firebox. Add lit coals from a charcoal chimney on top of the unlit coals. this allows the coals to slowly burn into each other and gives you a longer, slower burning heat.
  4. Get a large fire going and wait until smoke bellows out, then close the smoker cook chamber door.
  5. When the flames consistently hit the bottom of the water pan, close the firebox door and leave the fire box dampers fully open.
  1. Remove the cook grates from the cook chamber and remove any debris from the grates.
  2. Use hot, soapy water and a nylon scrub brush, then rinse with hot water. (DO NOT use oven cleaner. It contains very strong caustics which may cause corrosion later on.)
  3. Open water pan valve and drain out any extra water or grease.
  4. Remove the firebox basket and dispose of any ash in a safe manner.
  5. When firebox chamber has cooled, sweep out any remaining ashes.
  6. Put back all cook grates and the firebox basket.
  7. Prepare for your next chance to enjoy your Myron Mixon Smoker!